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We currently offer the KJV (King James Version) and ASV (American Standard Version).The American Standard Version (ASV) of the Holy Bible is a more contemporary version of the original KJV. Although the language used in the ASV is still traditional in nature, it isn't as hard to understand as the KJV. It is a "literal translation, and if you like the RSV, NASB, or NLT, then you will appreciate the original text of the ASV. Traditional, yet more readable than the KJV!

We are talking to other Bible publishers about their translations, but we’re unable to project a release date for the Spiral Bible in other translations aside from KJV and ASV. If you have a translation you would like to see, feel free to email us.

We use a font size that is larger than most Bibles. The font size in all of our adult Bible products is 10 pt, while the average Bible ranges from 7 pt to 8 pt font. The Spiral Bible for Kids offers a 15 pt font.

If you're looking for a product with larger print, check out the Spiral Bible for Kids! The book of Genesis is currently available and includes a 15 pt font with fun illustrations. Although this product is marketed toward children, we have many adults who love it as well.

Not at this time.

The notebook style format of the Spiral Bible would make for a very heavy Bible, and several inches thick, making it impractical for everyday use.

The Old Testament is only available in 4 separate volumes.

We currently offer The New Testament in one Spiral Bible, and The Old Testament is available in 4 separate volumes.

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The KJV of the Spiral Bible is the 1769 Oxford Standardized Revision of the original 1611 edition. Most KJV Bibles of today primarily use the Oxford 1769 (Blayney) or the Cambridge 1762 (Paris) edition, as opposed to the original 1611 edition. Other editions of the KJV Bible have since been published which contain minute changes and clarifications. You may notice that the Spiral Bible KJV spells “Jeremiah” as “Jeremy.” This is not an error and is in fact how it was spelled in the 1769 Oxford Standardized Revision. 

No, all words in the Spiral Bible are printed in black. Some of our readers tell us they use a red highlighter to emphasize the words of Jesus.

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